Hotel Café Pacific in Brussels – A unique atmosphere

Open 7 days a week
Check in after 22h
Thank you to warn us

Entering a hotel is not innocent… You know that a part of you will be left behind: while entering and leaving.

Here, the narrow entrance makes you even more aware of the fact that you are penetrating a universe that is unrelated to the bustle in the street… one of the most popular streets in one of the trendiest boroughs which is constantly evolving.

You quickly get used to the place. Each guest let you share in his personal luggage.

The 13 rooms, with one duplex, are located on the five floors and the mezzanine, both at the front and the back of the building. All rooms have a certain ambience, mixed with a dash of asceticism and poetry.

Each room has its own personality and unique ambience which clearly shows in the pure colours, the inscriptions with a subtle arrangement of a current text on a wall or expressive heads… Rooms which exude a particular atmosphere with a touch of delicate sophistication.

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Pleasure of the senses
Driving force of a certain unconcern
For a wandering of the moment
Privilege of a moment

A stay, a night
A “I go to”

A hotel on the way
An anecdote for destiny

You settle
You rest
You relax
You sink back
You extend it
You contemplate on it
You stretch out

Relaxation that slowly fades away
The voluptuousness of shared pleasure
A strong longing to be together
The anchor is cast

Ah… Pacific
Sailor full of life
Or lonely navigator
Drifting away for a moment
Or being on a business trip