Hotel in Brussels center

The 13 rooms, with one duplex, are located on the 5 floors and the mezzanine, both at the front and the back of the building. All rooms emit a certain ambience, mixed with a dash of asceticism and poetry. The hotel is open 24/7.

All rooms are equipped to the last detail (TV, WiFi) while they radiate simplicity and rest.

This aspect clearly manifests itself in the furniture, the use of varnished wood, stainless steel, the spotless bathrooms, the bed and bath linen.

Each room has its own personality and unique ambience which clearly shows in the pure colours, the inscriptions with a subtle arrangement of a text on a wall or expressive heads… Rooms which exude a particular atmosphere with a touch of delicate sophistication.

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As the night exhausts the day, as the day returns after having been sacrificed for a couple of hours of evasive dreams… And vice versa, as a body rolls over, as that implacable certainty that this rhythm is a perpetual obviousness…

A hotel that stimulates all senses.

You understand the joy of the moment, you hear the hum of the music in the rooms and the other phrases on paper.

You touch the purity of the moment, always unique, where you stroke the subtlety of the linen. Your fingers become agitated, looking for days long gone. Touching? Should I really sleep on it?

You inhale the mood of the ambience, the obvious wellbeing of stopping a while. You lose yourself in the inhalation and the air seems filled with music…

You look… a naughty wink, peeping pause, curious instinct,… You close your eyes, the light becomes dimmed. You throw yourself into the light of the night.

You taste everything: the modesty, the stupor, the quiet calm, the mystery of silence, the plenitude of calmness, the sensual taste of an abandoned body.