In the neighborhood


Chez Jacques

The Chez Jacques restaurant is located in a typical house with unique decoration in the historic heart of Brussels. There is a fine collection of “vintage” paintings and a view of the old quays of the Fish Market, so popular with locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere and the particular feeling of the neighborhood (and the plate …) were described by many famous artists who frequented this authentic place.
The cuisine is full of seafood, millet suckers and other fish particularly well selected by the house. The menu is the delight of the most demanding gourmets.
Quai aux Briques 44, 1000, Bruxelles

Fin de siècle

A real Belgian restaurant that promises no carabistouille: the portions are generous and the prices in the average.
Rue des Chartreux, 9 1000 Bruxelles

Mer du Nord

The daily arrivals of homemade salads, fish burgers, soup, fresh fish for “plancha” and fried shrimp croquettes offer you an extraordinary alternative to the everlasting sandwich.

Rue Saint Catherine, 45 1000 Bruxelles


The idea behind this pizzeria: showcasing local small producers with artisanal know-how by serving a “modern” pizza with typical Neapolitan dough, topped with products mainly from Belgium and having as sole intermediary their carrier.
Rue Saint Catherine , 17-19 – 1000 Bruxelles
00 32 2 324 78 79


Le Pain Quotidien

The daily bread is aptly named. And for us, it means everything. Beyond simple words, it’s a way of life. Like our hot, fragrant breads, friends gather around our communal table to share a warm and familiar moment – to “snack together”
Rue Antoine Dansaert, 16A – 1000 Bruxelles



Rue Antoine Dansaert, 6 1000 Bruxelles

Rue Saint Catherine, 42 1000 Bruxelles


Frederic Blondeel:  is not only one of Belgium’s finest chocolatiers, in heart and soul he is a roaster. A burner of cocoa beans, until they have taken on the desired taste and texture. For this he uses among others the Santos Palace Coffee Roaster, a device from his grandfather and dating back to 1953. The tradition may be historic, but the working method is not. The most modern of techniques help him on the way to the end result: the production of grand cru chocolates.

Rue Quai aux Briques, 24 1000 Bruxelles